Each winter, the Boulder Group offers the Advanced Mountaineering School (AMS). AMS trains mountaineers to successfully plan and climb peaks, and to survive winter conditions in a high altitude environment. The program consists of 4 field trips which cover glacier travel, crampons, snow shelter construction, winter camping, crevasse rescue, ice climbing, and high-peak ascent. Several lectures supplement the field trips, and cover various topics such as equipment, winter camping techniques, high-peak climbing, high altitude, cold weather, remote area first aid, trip organization, group dynamics, nutrition, and training. The school is held in January and February with optional climbing trips in March.

This is an advanced program. Applicants are expected to meet minimum requirements, including BMS or equivalent basic mountaineering course, basic knowledge of placing and using rock-climbing anchors and protection, several high peak climbs including technical and snow routes, backpacking experience, completion of several rock climbs, participation in winter activities, and a high level of physical fitness.

For more information please contact the school's director.

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