AIARE Avalanche Level 2

The AIARE 2 course is a 4-day program that provides backcountry leaders the opportunity to advance their avalanche knowledge and decision making skills. This course also includes the introductory and prerequisite components for the professional progression: the AIARE 3 certificate. The AIARE 2 builds from the introductory avalanche hazard management model introduced in the AIARE level one and adds to it the evaluation of factors critical to stability evaluation. The course consists of 40 hours of instruction including both class and field time. Student Prerequisites: Students must have the ability to travel in avalanche terrain. An AIARE 1 Course (strongly recommended) or equivalent training/experience is required. A winter of practical experience after the Level 1 course is recommended before taking the AIARE 2 course.

Additional Information:   Participants will need to have advanced intermediate ski ability and travel capability in both backcountry and downhill environments .