Boulder Mountaineering School, CMC Boulder Group

Basic Rock School is well-suited for newcomers to rock climbing or for climbers with some experience who wish to review current best practices in safety. This school provides instruction on how to belay, climb multi-pitch routes as a 'second' or 'follower', and descend safely. All climbs done in the school are beginner climbs rated 5.4 or below.

There are no prerequisites, but Hiking and Survival Essentials or equivalent experience is recommended.
Course fee: $175.

For members with prior climbing experience, you may qualify to test out of BRS; contact the BRS director to discuss this. You can test out of BRS for the following reasons: to join trad rock climbing trips, or to take other CMC courses which require BRS as a prerequisite, (Rock Leading School, Intermediate Snow Travel, Sport Leading Clinic, Top Roping Clinic and Advanced Mountaineering School). Contact the BRS Director at

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