Basic Rock Climbing School Test Out Procedure

For members with prior climbing experience, you may qualify to test out of BRS; contact the BRS director to discuss this. You can test out of BRS for the following reasons: to go on CMC trad rock climbing trips, or to take other CMC courses which require BRS as a prerequisite, (Rock Leading School, Intermediate Snow Travel, Sport Leading Clinic, Top Roping Clinic and Advanced Mountaineering School). Contact the BRS Director at


The purpose of the Test Out Procedure is to allow experienced rock climbers to advance more rapidly into becoming Rock Leaders, or qualifying to take Rock Lead School, and be able to avoid the cost of taking a course from which they would not learn that much.

Test Descriptions

The BRS Director is responsible for administering the Test Out Procedure, with the assistance of a senior or assistant BRS instructor. There are two parts of the procedure: the Technical Knowledge Demonstration and the Field Exam. The Technical Knowledge Demonstration can be scheduled any time at a mutually convenient place (probably the Clubroom), but the Field Exam needs to be scheduled on the same day as the field trip for that class. The test out procedure will rigorously test applicants for all the skills required to pass each module, which will consist of two parts: Technical Knowledge Demonstration and Field Exam.

Single Pitch Climbing

Technical Knowledge:

Rock Self Rescue

Technical knowledge:

Rock Seconding School

Because this class expands upon the former BRS multi pitch field trip, we do not recommend testing out of this class. However, if you are solid with the following skills, we will be happy to schedule a test out:

Technical knowledge

Test Preparation Materials

The primary reference is the BRS Handbook, supplemented by three videos. In particular, the Escaping the Belay and Passing The Knot tests should be studied in detail. Study reference: BRS Handbook


Prusiking -- Senior instructor Eileen Monyok demonstrating how to ascend a fixed rope with two prusik slings

Passing the Knot -- Assistant Franceso Sangiorgi demonstrating how to get past a knot in a rope while on rappel

Escaping the Belay -- senior instructor Eileen Monyok demonstrating how to escape a belay of a climber that has been injured and cannot complete a climb

Special thanks to assistant instructor Aaron Nichols for creating the videos

Testing Technical Knowledge

The exam will be administered by the BRS Director, with at least one BRS instructor observing. There may be more than one applicant being tested at a time. The applicant must pass this test to take the Field Exam.


If you are interested in testing out, contact the BRS Director: