Boulder Mountaineering School, CMC Boulder Group

Learning to find your way with a topographical map and compass is fundamental for reaching your objectives ad for travelling with safety in the outdoors. This course will describe features of maps, including contour lines, symbols, and coordinate systems, and it will show how you can use this information to recognize terrain and to select routes. The course also will demonstrate techniques for using a map and compass together to adjust for declination, to find and follow bearings, determine your location, and navigate in adverse conditions. All who travel in the backcountry, including users of electronic devices for navigation, will be able to travel more assuredly and effectively with the background of this course.

One day field trip, attend Saturday or Sunday. Select the day during the course, and please be flexible if you can so we can arrange equal size groups.

Prerequisites: None, but it is recommended that students have taken the course Hiking and Survival Essentials.

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