Boulder Mountaineering School, CMC Boulder Group

The Basic Ice Climbing School presents the basics of ice climbing. Basic Rock School or equivalent experience is a prerequisite. Students are required to attend a lecture at the Mountaineering Center in Golden and a three day field trip to Ouray. Topics covered include : ice climbing technique (vertical and moderate slope); use of ice climbing gear (ice axes, ice screws, boots, crampons, clothing, etc.); and ice protection and methods of placement (screws, v-thread etc.)

The course consists of one evening lecture and a three day field trip (a half day on Friday, a full day on Saturday, and a half day on Sunday in the Ouray Ice Park).

Contact:  The Ice Clinic Director,

Equipment Provided:  Helmets, Ropes, Ice axes, Crampons

Student Equipment:  Ice climbing boots, personal climbing gear, pack, clothing.

Course offered

Student Waivers