BMS Instructor Email Lists

Information & Disclaimer for Instructor Email Lists

This page contains links to the Instructor Email Lists, where you can subscribe or unsubscribe from the lists as appropriate. These lists are not moderated, but are administered by the Boulder Mountain Schools (BMS) Committee. You are expected to only subscribe to lists appropriate to your own skills, experience and qualifications. Inappropriate use of the lists will result in your being banned from them.

You do not need to be an instructor already to subscribe. Part of the purpose of the lists are for people who are seeking to become instructors and need guidance and experience to achieve that goal. As such, these lists are not an "official" list of who are or are not instructors; that list is maintained separately by the BMS Committee.

Appropriate use of the lists include, but are not limited to, the following:
- the School Director soliciting instructors for the various schools when necessary
- finding a substitute instructor if you, as an instructor, cannot attend every session
- messages from school directors that need to go out to all instructors in that school
- questions you might have about a class you would like to assist in teaching

Instructions for Joining the Lists

Apply to the desired list by clicking on the links below. Your application must be approved by the List Administrator. When approved, you'll receive a welcome message asking you to send the following information:
- your CMC qualifications (when you graduated from a school or clinic; experience level)
- your purpose in wanting to join the list (Hiking Instructor, Rock Lead School instructor, etc)

BMS Instructor Email Lists