Top Roping Clinic

The Top Roping Clinic presents the basics of setting up, climbing with and removing top rope systems. The course consists of one evening lecture and one full-day field trip. It covers:

The setting of anchors with trad gear is not covered in this clinic. That is covered in Rock Leading School. A climbing helmet will be provided if you do not have one, but purchasing your personal helmet is suggested.

Prerequisites: Basic Rock School or equivalent experience.

Equipment Provided: Ropes, anchor material, helmets.

Student Equipment:

Harness, belay gloves, personal anchor system or 48" double length sewn runner with locking carabiner, climbing shoes, 4-6 locking carabiners, 2 short sewn runners, 2 long sewn runners.

Optional: helmet, webbing, webolette, cordolette, static rope

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