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Sunday, 7/22/2018, Pre-Cookout Rock Climbing

Leader: Roger Kilcoyne
Type: Rock Climbing
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Friday, 8/17/2018, Coxcomb, 13,656'

Day 1: Drive to one of two possible trailheads and backpack to a backcountry camp. Both trailheads are accessible for 2WD vehicles.Day 2: Approach to the start of the technical climbing route on the S side of Coxcomb. The technical portions of the route are described below. Return to camp.Day 3: Pack up camp, backpack to the trailhead, and drive home.Preference is given to participants willing to adhere to this 3-day timetable.Approaches(a) Cimarron West Fork. Drive to the West Fork trailhead near Owl Ck Pass at about 10,400'. One may be able to drove a bit further, depending on the condition of the 4WD road and a stream crossing. Backpack up the Wetterhorn Basin Trail to camp at about 11,500'. From camp, climb to the 12,500' pass W of Coxcomb. Loose about 400' of elevation and contour to the start of the climb on the S side of Coxcomb.(b) Cimarron Middle Fork. drive to the Middle Fork trailhead at about 10,000'. Backpack up the Middle Fork Trail about 4 miles to camp at about 11,500'. from camp, take the Coxcomb Trail to Coxcomb Pass at about 12,900', Contour around the S side of Coxcomb to the start of the technical route. This may involve loosing about 200' and regaining it on the way back.Technical Route Sections* 4th class climb from the bottom of the SW side of the summit block to an alcove. This class 4 step over a detached block was obliterated by a rockfall about 2 years ago and may well have changed from available route descriptions.* Scramble to the base of a chimney.* Low 5th class climb of the chimney.* Scramble along the top of the exposed ridge to a notch.* Rappel into the notch. Leave the rope for the return.* 4th class climb of opposite side of the notch.* Walk the narrow and exposed ridge to the summit.* Return requires re-climbing the mid 5th class step that you rappelled, use the toprope that you left.* Rappel the chimney from anchors (may need to construct). 2 ropes may be required.You may want to take a look at a CMC climb of Coxcomb in Sept 2000: is not a light and fast scramble, we will use trad technical mountaineering methods and gear. No route descriptions since the rockfall event a few years ago are available. Hence treat the climb as EXPLORATORY. Leader will do further research on current conditions.If judged not appropriate, another destination will be substituted.

Leader: John Raich
Type: Rock Climbing, Trail mileage: 12, Pace: Moderate, Elevation Gain: 4000
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