Stay Up-to-Date After the Flood

Following September's historic floods, our public lands suffered serious damage to trails and recreational infrastructure, access roads and visitor facilities. Many areas remain closed while agencies work to assemble volunteers and resources to repair the damage. Here is a brief guide to staying abreast of re-opened areas, and also where to go if you wish to volunteer to help the agencies with flood recovery.


To stay updated with trail openings:

City Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP)

Up to date trail openings:

Up to date climbing area openings:

OSMP also has a page that chronicles activities and progress related to flood recovery:

Boulder County Parks and Open Space

Up to date trail openings:

Eldorado Canyon

Eldorado Canyon State Park is reopening Friday, Nov 1, with limited access, according to a news release news release. Also check their web page for updates.

Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests

This web page includes a closure map and press releases about trail openings.


To volunteer:

Agencies are swamped with people hoping to volunteer to rebuild trails and infrastructure. Many volunteer projects are arranged for specific groups, e.g. for a particular organization or employees from a business, and are not open to the general public. The need for volunteers to help repair flood-related damage will continue for many months, into the spring and summer of next year. Volunteer coordinators ask that you don't lose your desire to volunteer in the coming months, since your help will be needed for a long time.

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV)

Visit and go to their project schedule to join an existing volunteer opportunity.

You can also donate to WRV from their web page to help fund ongoing volunteer efforts.

City Open Space and Mountain Parks

Send an email to . Your name and email will be placed in a data base. Whenever a volunteer project comes up that requires community support, you will receive a notification email with instructions for how to join that project.

Boulder County Parks and Open Space

Visit where you can sign up to join an existing volunteer project.

Eldorado Canyon State Park

Some projects have been done in cooperation with the Boulder Climbing Community, which maintains a volunteer list (link is on their web page). The Action Committee for Eldorado also recommends the Eldorado Canyon SP facebook page for volunteer opportunities and general information.