General Information

Boulder Group Council

Gary Johnston - Chairperson,
(vacant) - Vice-Chair
Rick Casey - Past Chair, BMS Director, Council-Web Team Liaison
Jason Kintzel - Treasurer, Cabins Committee Chair
Jill Yarger - Outings Committee Chair
Carrie Simon - Marketing Committee Chair
Steve Blazo - At-Large Member
Rick Casey - Mountaineering School Chair (Winter Schools), Safety Committee Chair
Gary Johnston - Mountaineering School Chair (Spring/Summer/Fall Schools)

Open Houses for New and Prospective Members

- hosted by Bryan Costanza
pen Houses for new and prospective Boulder Group members are held in the clubroom. Slides are shown, club activities are explained, and new and old members have an opportunity to get acquainted with the club and each other. The Open Houses take place on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Watch the Compass and GPS e-newsletters, and the state web site,, Events, for the actual dates.

Activity Schedules

As soon as you have joined the Club, you will have access to member privileges on the state website, This website lists all the hikes, climbs, bicycle trips, ski tours, and other trips sponsored by the various CMC groups throughout the State. As a member of the statewide organization, you are welcome on all trips, regardless of which group sponsors them. Each trip is classified by difficulty so that you may choose those that fit your present ability level. Our leaders are volunteers, so there is no charge, except minimal carpooling fees, for going on trips. The trip descriptions explain trip classification and answers many other questions about trip.

Publications Received by Members

Members receive the quarterly magazine Trail & Timberline which has been published continuously by the state CMC since 1920, and the Compass, the monthly Boulder Group e-newsletter. You may view these online by clicking the 'Compass' menu above.