Current Opportunities

Either look for contact info below or Contact Sheila at 303-554-7688 during office hours, 5 to 7 p.m., on MTWT for more information about any of the opportunities.

General jobs

Clubroom hospitality greeters - help keep the new clubroom open more hours, answer the phone, and answer questions from visitors. Phone 303-554-7688 for more information.

Annual Dinner Committee - help plan this year's dinner. Contact chair [at] cmcboulder [dot] org

Flatirons Climbing Council  Trail Assessment Committee - work with OSMP to determine climber access trails. Must be a rock climber. Phone 303-554-7688 or email conservechr[at]cmcboulder[dot]org for more information.

Archivist for Boulder Group historical documents and photos

Cabin jobs

Send email to cabins[at]cmcboulder[dot]org if you would to help with the cabins.

Web jobs

Anyone familiar with Drupal.

Anyone would like to help with graphics design. Contact Rick at webcontact[at]cmcboulder[dot]org

Also there is a detailed worklist maintained by the web team if you want more detailed info.

Page Maintenance

This page may be updated by any council member. To update the above list, go to the document repository area and update the volunteer_needs.txt file.