Friday, 8/30/2013, Western Grenadiers

Day 1:  We will take the train from Durango to Elk Park, and backpack up to the 11,400-foot meadows in Vestal Basin.Day 2:  We will climb up into the basin west of Arrow Pk and climb Grayrock, then traverse the ridge over to Garfield Pk.  Possibly we will clmb Electric Peak, if time and weather allows.Day 3:  If we haven't climbed it already, we will go back up into the basin west of Arrow and climb Electric Pk.  If we already got Electirc, then there are many other summits we could climb in the area.Day 4:  Return to Elk Park to catch the train back to Durango. 

Leader: John Bregar
Type: Backpack, Trail mileage: 10, Pace: Fast, Elevation Gain: 2500
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