WeekDAY Warriors

WeekDAY Warriors is a group of people who want to share outdoor activities on weekDAYS (M,T,W,Th,F).It is a focus group of the Boulder Colorado Mountain Club. Trips may be easy or hard; hiking, snowshoe, cross-country ski, rock climbing, camping, and other outdoor activities. Sometimes the trips have 3 participants, sometimes 10 or 12.

We communicate in two main ways: We send email messages using our yahoo group and we plan during the monthly meeting. Trips are typically informal 'wildcat' trips without official CMC sanction. Anyone can decide to organize a trip. However, often the organizer or other members are qualified CMC leaders. The trips may be planned just 1 or 2 days ahead, or earlier if the leader knows when & what they want to do. We also use the group to remind members about a formally scheduled CMC trip that occurs during the week. Sometimes car-pooling for such trips can be arranged.

We gather once a month in the evenings in the clubroom. It is a way to meet others, to connect for a trip, or to encourage others to organize what you want to do. Look for information about the meetings in the GPS, Compass, and the state trip schedule.

WeekDAY_CMC is our yahoo group. If you are a member of the group, then you get the email notices that people send out about an activity that they want to initiate. When you respond, the response goes only to the person who sent the initial notice, not to everybody. This avoids being swamped with emails. If you want to initiate a trip or a notice to the whole group, you send an email to [protected email address] and it goes out to all members. Those interested in the trip will respond directly to you. In order to join the yahoo group, you must be invited to join. (WeekDAY_CMC does not show up in lists of Yahoo groups.) Send a note to [protected email address] to request an invitation. Note: you must be a CMC member.