The Brainard Lake Area Ski & Snowshoe Trail Map

The Brainard Lake Area Ski & Snowshoe Trail Map is provided to the community as a free service. It was designed by Jim Groh, based on GPS research provided by Steve Priem, over the 2009-2010 timeframe. The Colorado Mountain Club assumes no liability for the safety of persons using this map. We believe this is the most accurate map available that shows all ski and snowshoe trails in the area between the Red Rock Trailhead and Brainard Lake, including the CMC Cabin, trail difficulties, mileages, elevation change and dog allowances.

To use the map in the field, we suggest printing it in color using the duplex setting, so that it prints front and back, on 8.5x11 inch paper, and then inserting the map inside a plastic sleeve or encasing it in an otherwise waterproof covering. (There is also supposedly "waterproof" printing paper for the purpose of printing maps; see

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